Buy bulk hijab for your daily Hijabi outfit planner

Lady Diana wasn’t famous because she was a queen; she was famous because she was beautiful and elegant and had the most stunning style ever; she was an icon. People often think that your facial appearance describes your personality, but no, that isn’t it. Your dressing sense and the way you handle your outfit is what makes you look unmatchable. You can wear uggs and look as stunning as Barbie, or you can walk around in high heel boots with fancy lace and still be looking weird enough.

You’re not a Kardashian, but it turns out every girl wants to look perfect. Being a hijabi, sometimes, it gets tougher than usual. I mean, you can’t always have a matching hijab for your outfit. It would help if you tried buying more basic colors like black, grey, or white, and they go well with all colored outfits. But still, you’re always in search of a wide variety and good fabric which isn’t only good in its appearance but makes you feel comfortable in it. One solution to this problem of any Hijabi out there is to start buying bulk hijabs. You can also buy discount price hijabs for retail and boutique if you own one. It will save you a lot of money!

Hijab outfit plan for a week

Monday, On the first day of your work, you should probably try dressing up elegant yet classy. Try wearing a long skirt with a striped shirt paired with army boots. For my hijab, you can go for a plain chiffon headscarf out of your bulk hijabs.

Tuesdays are usually fancy and non-basic at the same time. You can wear a dress or like a pair of khaki pressed pants with a brown hijab (gives the retro summer vibes). For shoes, prefer wearing something as elegant as plain wedge heels or the open toes.

Wednesday, black pants with a floral white shirt or maybe a plain white shirt would look professional and stunning for a Wednesday. Platform shoes or maybe a stiletto would do the work. For hijab, a more of a greyish color in silk/chiffon out of your hijab wholesale can do the work.

Thursdays are usually boring and lazy, how about spicing them up a bit with a breezy purple/ pinkish dress? For shoes, the white canvas can go along with a pastel purple chiffon scarf as a hijab.

On Fridays, you probably like to keep it more casual. How about a blue high neck top with a pair of trousers and flats will work like magic? For hijab, how about a pastel blue rayon headscarf?

If you buy hijab wholesale, you can find all sorts of spandex, rayon, voile, jersey material, polyester, and silk. You can get a huge variety of materials and all sorts of prints ranging from leopard prints, floral ones, stripes to multi-color designs. Moreover, you can save a large amount of money if you shop bulk hijab. So, make sure to give hijab wholesale a try.

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