7 Hijab Hack Secrets You Didn’t Know

You open up youtube, and what pops at the screen is “food hacks” Yes! These hacks are the new trend. You’ve probably seen plenty of daily life hacks that would leave you

shocked. What is a HACK? It is a shortcut to perform a task with a trick that brings good benefits faster.

Being a hijabi, a lot of times in summer, your headscarf would bug you out so much. Those baby hairs are all over your forehead, you would feel like it’s sweaty, or maybe none of those bulk hijabs make you feel comfortable. These things happen, and when they do, you don’t have a solution to sort them out. Hacks are the productivity tricks, so I’ll list some hacks for your hijab in case you’ve been struggling.

The bun under your scarf

A lot of times, when you are in a sort of hurry, you put your hair in a bun. Mostly on Mondays, you realize you misplaced the bun. It is no big of a deal because if you have stockings around you or maybe a regular sock pair, you can work with it. You can cut the lower part of the sock and roll it to make it look like a doughnut. You can even use the shower puffs to add extra volume to your buns.

Emergency pins

If you’ve been wearing hijab for a long time, you know how important it is to keep extra bobby pins along with you. Imagine walking to your work on a windy day, what is the most important thing? Those bobby pins. Do you face difficulty in carrying those pins? Stop worrying, because we have the solution! Have you seen those Fountain Pens? You generally call them ink pens. The backside of the bands opens up so you can place your bins inside the pen.

Colour chart

Sometimes you do not know what color suits you the best. A color chart is a helpful chart that helps you try favorite colors that suit you the best of all. It will make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Hijab chaos

To avoid any chaos in your hijab closet, the first step is to organize it well. You cannot throw all of your scarfs here and there on the floor that would not look cute! You can use those casual hangers to hang all of your scarfs, or you can maybe fold them. It will make it easier for you to find the desired scarf out of those bulk hijabs in your wardrobe.

Underwear caps

I know this seems funny, and anybody would burst into laughter after reading this one. Believe me or not, this works, and it’s super funny yet helpful. You can use clean underwear as a head cap. It will make your hijab stay at its place, and most importantly, it will not let your hair bug you anymore.

Hair-spraying the rebellious baby hairs

You can spay all the baby hairs with your favorite hair spray to avoid them bugging you at work or while you’re in the middle of your gym.

Layer the fabric

Put extra layers to your hijab; it will make it look more modest and fashionable. You can follow up on a hijab tutorial on YouTube for more precise and better results.

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