How to maintain hijabs in good condition

Are you fond of wearing the hijab? Do you have a bunch of gorgeous hijabs that you match with your outfits? No matter what fabric they are made of, you must keep them in good condition for their long-term use.

An expert’s advice!

As the hijab is worn regularly, together with pins and accessories, it gets damaged much quicker than anticipated. For this reason, necessary preventive measures are required to keep the hijabs in great shape. Here is what you must do;

Don’t keep your scarves in a drawer.

Just like many other Muslimah’s, you must also be storing your scarves in a drawer. Though you may find it convenient, this practice is not good for scarves at all. This way, they get creased and tangled and start to lose their original colors. The best way is to arrange the scarves on hangers. You can also buy special scarf hangers for the purpose.

Don’t wash your scarves in a washing machine.

Yes, yes, washing the scarf by hand can be quite a difficult task, but it is necessary to keep it in good condition. Most of the scarves are made with delicate, and light fabric, the spinning of the washing machine can easily damage them.

Note: If you are still eager to wash your scarves through the machine, don’t put them in the washer directly, instead secure them in a mesh sack first. Also, wash them with similar colors, and warm water as too much hot water can also damage the hijab fabric.

Air-dry the hijabs.

As we have asked you to refrain from washing the scarves through a washing machine, the same goes for drying them in a dryer. Try to hang-dry your hijabs, away from direct sunlight. Most of the hijab materials shrink or lose their gloss in the dryer.

Start wearing an under-scarf.

Do you have this habit of wearing a scarf direct on your hair? Change it as soon as you can. Why? First of all, you are possibly damaging your hair this way. Some hijab materials happen to be hard and heavy. They keep on rubbing with the hair and cause frizz and dullness. Secondly, the hijab gets exposed to the hair products that you use. The safest way out is to wear an Underscarf. It not only holds the hijab in place but acts as a shield between the scarf and hair.

Spot clean the scarf.

Whenever you get a tinge on your hijab, spot clean it quickly, or you will get the stubborn stains on your scarves, which will be hard to wash away.

Don’t use the ordinary pins to tuck your scarf.

Pins are very necessary to keep the hijab in place and shape. Ordinary safety pins get stuck in the delicate materials and often tear them apart. Get yourself a pack of special scarf pins that not only look beautiful but do not damage the scarf as well. You can either buy them online from a dedicated hijab website or a convenience store.

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