Wear Hijab With Glasses Like A Pro

Who said you can’t wear glasses with a hijab? In fact, hijab and glasses make a perfect combination if you learn the best way to wear them together. Well, you must be a real expert in your field, but also a true master of modesty! You’re like a ninja of knowledge, stealthily taking down ignorance and misinformation, all while wearing a humble hijab and a pair of glasses. Keep it up!

Hijab & Glasses

What to consider when wearing a hijab with glasses? Well in order to get an optimal result, you must consider the shape of the glasses, the size, the edges, the shape of your face, and the fabric of the hijab. I’m going to start with the most important fact about this article, maximize your comfort.


Whether you put on medical glasses or sunglasses, wearing the hijab too tightly might cause pain to your head and make you feel uncomfortable. Some glasses may feel tight on their own so imagen wearing a hijab on top of them, doesn’t that sound like more pain to you? Besides, every time you pull out the glasses, your scarf may move slightly then you will have to rearrange it all over again. Here are some hijab styles that can be worn with glasses, not only giving you comfort feeling but also emphasizing your awesome style.


Choosing the right hijab to wear with your glasses is very much like picking the best accessories to match your clothes. There are types of hijabs, colors, and prints that may/may not fit with your glasses. Since hijabs can be worn with different strategies, we will demonstrate the best ways for you. In this article, you will learn the best way to wear your hijab with glasses. Wearing the glasses underneath the different layers would give you more flexibility to choose a smoother material, chiffon or lycra. This way you don’t have to worry about your glasses slipping away. Check the top five amazing hijab styles you need to try!


Wearing the glasses over the hijab to make your face appear narrower. If your face is narrow then wear the glasses underneath the layers of your hijab, so the hijabs gain more space around your face.

Hijab Wearing Styles

There are three hijab styles that allow glasses to fit in perfectly:

  1. Underneath all the layers of the hijab
  2. Between the layers of the hijab
  3. On top of all the layers of the hijab

Tutorial Videos

Watch this video to learn about the 3 most worn hijab styles with glasses. The tutorial in Arabic language for introducing 3 ways to wrap the veil with keeping the glasses on like a pro nerd.

Tips For Wearing Hijab With Glasses

Here are some hijab styles that allow glasses to fit in perfectly:

  1. Avoid completely wearing glasses outside or above the veil. I keep it within the limits of the veil.
  2. Choose a good material from the veil, preferably if it is not very attached to the face, so that the eyeglasses do not appear completely clear under the veil.
  3. Pick good glasses with reasonable edges and do not choose the bulky ones that gobble up most of your face, especially if your face is small.
  4. Choose glasses that fit the shape of your face. Consult a cosmetologist and optometrist alike.
  5. Avoid wearing the hijab that conflicts with the edges of the glasses. Meaning, don’t wear glasses with shiny rims with phosphorous veils. Bring the colors to match and smart.
  6. Avoid putting exaggerated makeup while wearing glasses and veils at the same time. There will be color chaos.
  7. If you want a quick and practical option, then the glasses with transparent edges are the best and will be consistent with most of the veil and clothing colors.
  8. Avoid covering the edge of the eyeglasses on your eyebrows.
  9. You can choose only the veil that covers the head and highlights the neck and ears.
  10. If you wear earrings at a time when you wear glasses with the hijab, choose earrings and glasses that are proportional.


Remember to adjust the glasses properly so that they don’t slide down your nose or press too tightly on your ears. You can also use non-slip nose pads or ear hooks to keep the glasses in place.

Experiment with different hijab styles and glasses until you find the perfect combination that suits your face shape, personal style, and comfort level. Don’t be afraid to try something new and step out of your comfort zone.

Lastly, remember that wearing glasses with a hijab is a personal choice and there is no right or wrong way to do it. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Embrace your uniqueness and rock your glasses and hijab with pride!

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It’s interesting to see the different hijab styles that can be worn with glasses, and how each style can emphasize different features of the face. It’s a reminder that fashion can be used to highlight one’s individuality and unique features.

It’s great to see tips and tutorials on how to wear glasses with a hijab. It shows that fashion can be inclusive and accommodating of different cultural and religious practices.

Thank you for sharing. These tips for wearing glasses with hijab are very useful. For those looking for stylish and modest hijab options, offers a diverse collection that caters to different styles and preferences.

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