How to wear Hijabs according to your skin

Take our words; if you want to look beautiful in hijab, pick the ones that best suit your skin tone and make it look more gleaming. Most of us get cautious and picky while picking the outfits. Why not chose the perfect-colored hijab too to look perfect? Don’t worry; we are here for your rescue. In this guide, we will give you tips on finding your skin tone first, and then we will pick the colors according to different skin tones. Let’s get started.

What is your skin tone?

The best method of finding the skin tone is by looking at the visible veins on the inside part of the wrist. If;

  • You have green veins; your skin tone is light.
  • The veins appear purple or blue; you have a darker skin tone.
  • The veins look bluish-green; you have a medium skin tone.

Another method to check your skin tone is by looking at how your skin reacts to sunburns. If your skin tans when exposed to sunlight, but rarely burns, you either have a medium or dark skin tone. If otherwise, you have a fair skin tone.

Your pro guide of how to choose a hijab according to your skin tone

Disclaimer: Be it fair or dark, no matter what skin tone you have, you are a beautiful soul. We do not promote colorism at all. Our only motive is to help you decide for the right hijab color that can enhance your features and uplift your persona.

Which hijab color should you wear?

Lighter skin tones:

Well, bold and dark colors suit well the lighter skin tones. Invest in black numbers because it is the only color that looks great on all occasions. In case you are not a black color fan, you can pick nude pink or yellow undertone hijabs. White is another basic color that blends well with almost all skin colors and looks graceful as well. Or you can experiment with violet, emerald, and red-colored scarves. Do give these colors a try. We are sure you will thank us for the suggestions!

Darker skin tones:

Darker skin tone can blend with almost all colors; however, avoid picking the darker shades that are close to the dark skin tone, as they can look odd. The go-to hijab tones for darker skin are red, pink, khaki, violet, and cobalt blue.

Rule of thumb: Pick the hijabs with neutral or pastel colors as they make the darker skin tone more gleaming.

Medium skin tones:

You don’t need brighter shades nor the pastel ones. You need to pick hijabs with medium undertones, the same as your skin. Why don’t you try maroon? Or beige? Yes, beige might sound boring, but trust us, it will make your face more prominent. Another two shades that you must try are black and sky blue. Black, as we said before, is a common color that blends with all skin colors, and sky blue will make look fresh. You can also try olive green, white, and light brown.

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