Top 5 hijab mistakes

It is a common perception that wearing a hijab is the simplest thing to do. But only a hijabi Muslimah knows that wearing a hijab gets stressful time and again. People often joke that hijabis don’t get the bad hair days. Well, that’s true, but it is only one side of the picture. Even though hijabis don’t get to deal with the bad hair days, they tackle the ‘bad hijab days.’

Top 5 mistakes that you must avoid when wearing a hijab!

This article is for those sisters who struggle with their hijab every day. If you don’t understand what mistakes they make every time, don’t worry anymore. Here is what probably goes wrong in your hijab routine;

You might be choosing the wrong hijab scarf size

The length, width, density, and material of the scarves are critical factors to consider for flawlessly organizing your hijab style. With narrow or short scarves, you can’t give it a decent shape or even cover your hair correctly. Always go for the flowy materials and wide scarves.

You don’t iron your scarf

Well, it is not necessary to iron the scarf only when the material gets wrinkled. Ironing makes the material soft and gleaming. The colors and the design look fresh that certainly adds a classic touch to the appearance of the wearer. Do iron your scarves every time before wearing them.

You miss an under-scarf

Does your scarf slip away and lose its shape quite often? Do you get tired of fixing your hijab the whole day? Buy an under-scarf today. Underscarf is an essential staple that holds the scarf in its right place. You can buy in many colors matching with your scarves. The best thing about wearing an under-scarf is that you don’t need to use a lot of pins to tuck your hijab. Only one or two are enough for the job.

You might be adding unnecessary volume to your hijab

Many hijabis are fond of using scrunchies to add volume to their scarves, which is OK when done right! Don’t overdo this. Tucking your hair in a ponytail and wrapping material around it can do the job!

You layer more than one scarf

We have observed many girls wearing two or more scarves at once to shape a style. If you do this too, stop doing it immediately. It not only gets uncomfortable to manage scarves, but it does not look good as well. Also, this habit is not suitable for your hair health too. Too many scarves can make your head hot and sweaty that can weaken your hair roots and cause dandruff. All you need to do is wear an under scarf and layer it with a lovely scarf matching with your clothes. You can make many styles with one piece only. Trust us; you will look more attractive in a single piece on your head.

So, these were the common mistakes that are usually made while wearing the hijab. Check your routine and fix it to flaunt a well-fixed hijab!

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