Top five amazing hijab styles you need to try!

Are you pro-hijabi? Do you love to experiment with hijab styles to look different every day? Yes, bringing even a minor change in your hijab style can make you look chic in no time.

In this article, we will discuss the five amazing hijab styles that are trending these days and suit all types of face cuts. You will need different materials for the scarves to achieve these styles. Mostly we will use viscose, jersey, and chiffon scarves. You can also switch to formal satin and chiffon shawls to elevate your style for more formal events.

Over the shoulder hijab

You can take satins and chiffons to complete this look. Put the scarf on your head and pin it under your chin. Keep one side long and one side short. Tuck the shorter side around your neck and drape the longer side around your chest for the chest coverage. Finally, fix it to your top with a pin. You can even get yourself a fashion tape to secure the hijab. You are ready to rock your day!

Cashmere hijabs usually fit perfectly over the shoulders.

The classic Bawal hijab

Bawal shawls or square-shaped scarves are back in the game and this time with vibrant prints and colors. They are simple to set as you need only one pin to secure Bawals in place. Here is how you can achieve a classic look with a square-shaped scarf;

  • Fold the scarf into a triangle shape.
  • Set it on your head and keep both sides equal.
  • Place a pin under your chin to fix the scarf. Now you can either take sides to the back of your neck and tie them or leave them as is. If you want chest coverage, you can drape the sides over your chest.

The benefit of wearing a Bawal is that it is usually made of a sturdy material which helps in framing the shape better and does not budge.

Turban hijab

This modern-yet-classic hijab style looks classier than all the styles that we have mentioned in this article. You can complement both your formal or casual looks with this style. Seeing its popularity, many modest fashion brands have introduced instant turban hijabs. You can also use long shawls to achieve this minimal style. Cotton and jersey is the best material to make turbans as these are sturdy and do not slip much. You can sport some blingy earing also with a turban hijab.

Loosely draped hijab

This simple style is the best for busy Muslimah’s out there who always run behind the time and look for quick-fix options. The only cotton scarf goes well with this option. All you have to do is take a scarf, fold it a bit from the front and set it on your head, keep both sides equal, and either take both of the ends on your back without tightening them around the neck or one at the back and one at front. You can also wear an under scarf for better results. Voila, you will look marvelous for sure!

Hijab and hat

It is a winning combo and a perfect style to step out in the sun or for a beachy getaway. Make sure to tie your hair in a low bun so that you can fit in the hat on your head. Any hijab style can go well with the hat. Don’t forget to wear your shades too.

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